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Features & Benefits

(EA! denotes ExtSTAR Advantage features not found in other extrusion industry software)




  • Order Entry
  • EA!  Multi-line item Shop Orders
    (Click here for sample)
  • Multiple parts of the same profile but different cut lengths, fabrications and/or finishes can be scheduled as a single extrusion job, eliminating redundant data, reducing paperwork and simplifying the scheduling process
  • Order acknowledgements
  • Can be e-mailed to customer contacts on demand
  • Planning
  • Configurable planning
  • Planning can be done using the actual wt/foot for a specific die (copy) or a profile’s nominal/print wt/foot
  • Whole-order optimizer
  • Computes optimum billet lengths and quantities for small and large orders
  • Alloy-specific billet lengths
  • Helps control the number of different billet lengths that need to be ordered from suppliers to avoid surcharges
  • Scheduling
  • Flexible lead times
  • Lead times for each process or department can be specified globally and overridden at the part or order level
  • EA!  Accurately projects press utilization on a weekly basis using the estimated extrusion date for each order and the most recent production rates of scheduled profiles, resulting in a highly accurate schedule that helps improve on-time delivery
  • Drag & drop daily scheduling tool
    (Click here for screen shot)
  • Intuitive interface makes scheduling a breeze
  • Alerts operators to billet shortages and late orders
  • Identifies multiple orders for the same profile so they can be scheduled together to reduce setups
  • Value-added process and packing scheduling
  • Group processes and presses into Schedule Groups
  • Drag & drop scheduling tool makes prioritizing jobs easy
  • Line up is automatically pushed to operators in the plant
  • Billet & Log Inventory
  • Billet/log requirement projections
  • Summarizes billet and log requirements up to 6 weeks in the future and computes order quantities based on a user-designated order window
  • Shows billet and log requirements by weight or quantity
  • Product Database
  • Customer Part database
  • Stores length, tolerances, alloy, temper, cooling specifications, production and finishing processes, notes and PDF files containing fabrication and packing diagrams/instructions for each part to ensure a consistent and correct product
  • Supports assemblies and kits with a single-level bill of materials
  • Profile database
  • Stores profile drawings and packing prints in PDF form
  • EA!  Includes built-in PDF viewer at no extra cost
  • EA!  Stores billet temperatures, extrusion speeds and notes specific to each press, alloy and temper
  • Die database
  • Tracks production history by die (copy), including actual wt/foot
  • Shop floor production information presentation and collection
  • Optimized for use with a touchscreen to allow easy selection of jobs and recording of production data
  • Captures all job-related production data, including production time, downtime, billets extruded, piece quantities and actual weight/foot
  • Interfaces with process control systems such as SMS Meer’s PICOS for exchange of production information
  • Enables real-time production reporting
  • Generates packing tickets and shop tags
  • Instantly updates order status as material is processed
  • EA!  Billet and Log Queue
    (Click here for screen shot)
  • Helps catch billet alloy or size discrepancies before a job runs and reduces data entry
  • Real-Time Plant Monitoring
  • EA!  Plant Pulse™ screen
  • Shows the status of all press, value-added and packing jobs currently in process anywhere in the plant, including whether they’re running past their expected finish time, are down or are affected by a non-conforming product Alert
  • Operational & Management Reporting
  • Production reports
  • Computes production rate (pounds/hour) and backstock (a.k.a. retained scrap) by press, date, shift, profile, die, alloy and customer, for any date range
  • EA!  Shows production rates including production-related downtime for a truer picture of productivity
  • In Process reports
  • EA!  Show detailed progress of each order through both internal and outside processes
  • Cost analysis reports
  • Computes contribution and profit by press, customer and profile for any period of time (requires Quoting and Automatic Pricing module)
  • BIRT business intelligence reporting tool
  • Allows users to generate custom reports and combine ExtSTAR data with other sources
  • Purchasing
  • Die Purchase Orders
  • Generates and tracks purchase orders for new dies or rework/coating of existing dies
  • Can be generated directly from accepted quote (requires Quoting and Automatic Pricing module)
  • Quality Module
  • Material Certificates
  • Document chemical analysis and test results for orders
  • Automatically generated for customers/parts that require them
  • Multiple pull tests can be recorded on a single certificate
  • Warns operators if any material is out of specification before shipping paperwork is generated
  • Test data import/export
  • Alerts
  • Alerts quality assurance and supervisors to non-conforming product
  • Stock Inventory
  • Stock availability alerts
  • Operators entering new or updating existing orders are alerted to the availability of material in stock that can be used to fulfill part or all of the order
  • EA!  Stock material in long lengths can be reserved for orders that require a shorter length
  • Scrap Tracking
  • User-defined scrap reasons
  • Scrap reasons can be configured to permit the entry of an additional detailed description of a problem
  • Scrap data cube
  • BIRT report template that implements a cube can be easily and quickly configured to report scrap by any of several dimensions
  • Outside Processing
  • ExtSTARWeb web server
  • Optional module permits vendors to report material processed via the Internet, providing timely and detailed traceability and reducing in-house entry of data related to vendor activity
  • Supports assemblies and kits
  • Pricing & Invoicing
  • EA!  Automatic pricing
  • Optional rule-based tool generates all extrusion, setup, fabrication, material certificate and other charges for every order for any customer
  • Generates customer price lists that can be automatically distributed to customers via e-mail (Click here for sample)
  • Contract prices can be specified that apply to a particular volume or period of time and a select group of products; contract fulfillment can be computed at any time and included on customer price lists
  • ExtSTAR Server
  • Auto-complete
  • Automatically marks processes complete as material is accounted for through each process/department, eliminating clerical work and keeping In Process and other reports updated and clean
  • Document distribution
  • Order acknowledgements, outside-processed orders, invoices, shipping documents, custom price lists and other documents can be e-mailed or faxed to customer and vendor contacts automatically
  • Quoting
  • Web-based quoting application
  • User-defined workflows route quotes to all personnel whose input is needed
  • E-mails sub-quotes to vendors and finished quotes to customers/prospects
  • Other Features
  • Locale selector
  • Supports country- and language-specific text and formats for numbers, dates and currency
  • English and metric units of measure
  • Lengths and weights can be specified in any of several English and metric units of measure; a built-in conversion tool is also available to convert from one unit of measure to another
  • Custom documents
  • Custom PDF documents containing fillable fields or BIRT reports can be stored in ExtSTAR and automatically generated for selected customers and/or vendors, with fields populated by values from an invoice, packing list or shop order
  • EA!  Platform-independence
  • ExtSTAR is written in Java™, allowing it to run on virtually any platform, including Windows® and Linux®