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About KRAHE InfoSystems


KRAHE InfoSystems' mission is to deliver superior software and talent to meet the needs of companies that require reliable mission-critical information systems, and provide skills in a broad spectrum of information technologies, from management reporting systems to application development.

KRAHE’s booth at ET ‘12 Expo

Since 2001, KRAHE InfoSystems has provided consulting services in the areas of Business Intelligence/Management Reporting and Application Development, as well as vertical market applications for the aluminum extrusion industry.

KRAHE InfoSystems has been an exhibitor or provided a speaker at every ET since 2004, and has been an advertiser in Light Metal Age magazine.

Company Profile

Kevin Rahe, President of KRAHE InfoSystems, has over 35 years of experience working for West Michigan and national clients in various capacities on a wide variety of IT projects including ERP, reporting and warehouse management systems for the extrusion, printing and other manufacturing industries.  He received the Whittman-Hart Tribute to Excellence award for his work in Decision Support systems and overall client satisfaction.

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