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Management Reporting Systems

Whether your business information system is a well-known Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or consists of custom applications developed specifically for your company, as a manager you will eventually need reports or analysis capabilities that aren’t part of the base system. If you’re lucky, you’ll have an IT person at your disposal who can develop what you need in a jiffy. More likely, your request will go to the end of a lengthy backlog of similar requests, or you will be given an “end user” reporting tool and be faced with learning not only the tool but also the structure of the large and often-complex databases that contain the raw business data that holds the answers to your questions.

KRAHE InfoSystems can satisfy your management reporting and analysis needs using a variety of tools and technologies, from custom reports based on your business’ daily transactions to multidimensional data marts or data warehouses that organize your business’ raw data into easily understood subject areas accessed using familiar applications such as spreadsheets or more powerful business intelligence tools that let end users summarize, pivot, drill up and down and graph data in a variety of presentation styles and deliver results in paper, web, e-mail or PDF format.

Clients in a variety of manufacturing and other industries have benefited from KRAHE InfoSystems’ expertise in the development of management reporting systems.  With KRAHE you can expect:


KRAHE personnel have experience with several popular report development and analysis tools, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and database management systems.

Report Development/Data Analysis Tools

ERP Systems

Database Management Systems