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Application Development

While off-the-shelf and cloud-based software can provide users with common applications, most companies with anything more than simple business processes will need applications tailored to their enterprise.  Even those with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems designed specifically for their industry often desire to augment them with custom applications developed to meet particular or unique needs.

While the technologies, tools and techniques used to implement modern applications are constantly evolving, the principles that underlie the development of effective software applications are timeless. KRAHE InfoSystems is committed to those principles, which it believes are key to maximizing an application’s benefits. With KRAHE you can expect:


KRAHE personnel have experience developing many types of business applications, from production planning and scheduling to warehouse management to computer-aided design (CAD) and graphics applications, delivered in desktop or web/hosted implementations, utilizing many popular development environments, database management systems, languages and platforms, and interfacing with many popular ERP systems.

Integrated Development Environments

ERP Systems

Database Management Systems